How Believing In The Unseen Overcomes Skepticism From Logic | Dr. Omar Suleiman

It is very easy for us 1400 years later, when we hear the stories of these miracles that took place with our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and with the prophets that came before him to say that had we been there, we would have believed the two right away. We would have, without any reservation, accepted what has come to us through him (pbuh).

What did Abu Bakr (Ra) answer when they told Abu Bakr (ra) what the prophet (pbuh) said? If he said it, he’s telling the truth. Abu Bakr (Ra) said, I believe him when he says that he receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens and the Earth in an instance and that’s a far greater miracle than this.

None of it physically make sense. It defies my logic in terms of physical dimensions. miracles, that if they were to happen in front of us, we would not know how to come to terms with it, and perhaps we would deny them. Why is that? And Subhanallah, We find that Allah connects the inability to believe in miracles from Him that defy our physical norms to believe in the hereafter/ to believe in the akirah.

Remember at the very beginning of the Quran, those who believe in the unseen.

Allah (swt) says, when the Prophet (AS) read the Quran to them, it’s a powerful verse. When you read the Quran to them, oh messenger of Allah, a barrier is placed between you and those that don’t believe in the hereafter. It’s like a hijab is between them because they can’t come to terms with the idea of the hereafter. Make these miracles make sense to me, okay. And the same barrier that would be in us to cause scepticism with the miracles is the same barrier that would cause us skepticism with the akirah,

And that’s why Allah specified we put a barrier between you and those who don’t believe in the akirah. If they have a hard time with the hereafter, how are they gonna believe that something miraculous is happening around them in real time?

There’s no such thing as easy or easier or hard or harder with Allah. It’s just Allah says, and it is … and it is.

How that scepticism starts to creep in you read some fiqh books, some Aqidah the books, and you say, you know what? This doesn’t make sense to me. My logic is greater than what Quran and the sunnah say.

So I’m gonna come up with some modern answer to undermine the Scripture, undermine the text, undermine the Quran And Sunnah because the dimensions it all has to fit with my dimensions with my thinking and Allah (swt) says, Know your place. Your dimensions have no relevance to Allah (swt)’s Dominion. Your perception has no relevance to Allah’s power.

Know your place and call upon the Lord who worked these miracles that seemingly defied logic and understand that Allah (swt) has that same power with you.

We believe in the unseen. We have no issues in our heart. When we read anything in the Quran, we believe the prophet (pbuh) went to Jerusalem and heavens and came back in one day.


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