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Seize The Moment When Allah Is Asking You “Is There Anything You Want” | Mufti Menk

It is a great Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be upon him, stand up in prayer At night and make sure that you have earned the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala during Ramadan.

When you get up for the pre-dawn meal that moment is the same moment of tahajjud. The pre-fajr prayer is known as tahajjud. It is so blessed.Because Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala calls out saying who is Seeking forgiveness that I can forgive them, who is repenting that I can accept it and who is asking me anything so that I can give them.

The Most Blessed Time Of The Night

In this short video clip #MuftiMenk tells that the time of #tahajjud (#nightprayer) is the most blessed time of the night. So say tahajjud prayer and dhikr Allah (remembrance of Allah) by reading the Quran at time for seeking help from Allah (swt).

“When you put your head on the ground in sujood for the sake of Allah, you are actually the closest you could ever be to Allah”.- Mufti Menk