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How To Have All Creations Seek Forgiveness For You Even Fish In The Sea | AIYP Ep-14 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

To leave your home with the intention of seeking or spreading knowledge is the most noble Pursuits, that we find in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alihi wasalam.

Hadith that as a person goes out seeking knowledge the inhabitants of the heavens and the Earth all seek forgiveness for that person whether it is the angels in the heavens or the fish in the sea, each one of them seeks forgiveness for that person as they go out seeking and spreading knowledge.

Seeking or spreading knowledge is a means of connecting you to the people because your relationship with them is benefiting them and even the environments because ibn rajab (rah) commented on that, what would cause the fish in the sea to seek forgiveness for that person is that a person of knowledge thinks about the rights of everything on them and And so they treat even their environment with care.

go for the blessing of having the Angels lower their wings for you and having all of these creations seek forgiveness for you at the top of them those highest Angels sending their peace and blessings upon you showing their approval and their humility to the person who is learning becoming more humble and being beneficial to everything around.

Always Stay Upon Justice And Angels’ Guidance To The Truth | AIYP Ep-13

At times we are called to judge in a dispute where cause to pass judgment on something that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Always stay upon Justice and that is a quality and trait that you were rarely find even amongst righteous people.

The prophet Muhammed (saw) said when a person is asked to Judge and they judge righteously, the prophet (saw) said no person is asked to judge and they’re reluctant to do so because they fear doing wrong by someone except that Allah Subhan Allah sends an angel and Allah SubhanAllah, guides them a right, guides them to the truth.


so when you are called to a dispute to judge between two people you could either play the role of the shaitaan/ you could play the role of the devil and perpetuate things and make them worse and be unfair or you can play the role of the truth and make sure that you establish justice to the best of your ability and Allah would send a special Angel to assist you in doing so.

Angelic Role: Defending One’s Reputation His/Her Absence | AIYP Ep-9 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

What type of society are we creating? If we allow for people to be insulted and we ask them to not respond on their own behalf.

Allah tasks us with responding on behalf of other people. The prophet (saw) He said whoever defends their brother or sister in their absence that Allah would remove the fire from that person’s face on the Day of Judgment.

It’s also an authentic Hadith of the prophet salallahu alihi wasalam. He said that whoever defends his brother or sister in their absence when they are being insulted, Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala will appoint an angel that would defend their flesh on the Day of Judgment over the bridge.

But the flip side of that the prophet (saw) and whoever disgraces his brother or sister will be suspended over the bridge over Hellfire on the day of judgement until they are interrogated for what they have done.

When we respond on behalf of our brother or sister so that they don’t have to respond for themselves, we basically are playing the role of the Angel. So how beautiful is it that we start to be Angelic and character the way we seek to be Angelic with our worship.

Make The Angels’ Switching Shifts Times Blessed By Remembering Allah | AIYP Ep-5 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The Prophet (saw) explains that when you wake up in the morning you have angels that have shifts and so we talked about the two angels that guard you, the two angels that record, those angels shift out at Fajr and Asr time

The prophet (Saw) said to be sincere and moderates in your good deeds. Do your best, aim for Perfection.

The prophet (saw) gave us the best of times if we make use of those times, we can get ahead and that’s when the angels are gathered around us as they’re switching shifts and they find us in a state of dhikr and a state of remembrance.

The way that you start off your morning with fajr with recitation and even you know, getting a head start on your day in terms of your halal worldly Pursuits.

So using that early morning time to remember Allah as the angels that work your morning and night shift are together and then beginning your own work shift earlier than everyone else allows you to get ahead.