Always Stay Upon Justice And Angels’ Guidance To The Truth | AIYP Ep-13

At times we are called to judge in a dispute where cause to pass judgment on something that’s unfolding before our eyes.

Always stay upon Justice and that is a quality and trait that you were rarely find even amongst righteous people.

The prophet Muhammed (saw) said when a person is asked to Judge and they judge righteously, the prophet (saw) said no person is asked to judge and they’re reluctant to do so because they fear doing wrong by someone except that Allah Subhan Allah sends an angel and Allah SubhanAllah, guides them a right, guides them to the truth.


so when you are called to a dispute to judge between two people you could either play the role of the shaitaan/ you could play the role of the devil and perpetuate things and make them worse and be unfair or you can play the role of the truth and make sure that you establish justice to the best of your ability and Allah would send a special Angel to assist you in doing so.

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