Make Haste Towards Two Things Including Extinguishing Anger | Citocs-Ep14 | Mufti Menk

We are human beings, we sin. We falter and at times we transgress knowingly and the times unknowingly. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala forgive us. So well, but Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala tells us there is a race. You must make haste.

It is the race of achieving Comfort during that type of a crisis. The crisis is sinful Behavior, the sins and the comfort is the race.

Allah says We want you to race to make haste towards two things. Number one; the forgiveness of Allah, number two the paradise.

There are four conditions to wipe out sins including recurring ones. The same four conditions would actually make you sinless and spotless once again; and again and again and it is endless.

What are the four conditions of seeking forgiveness? Number one: admit your sin to yourself between you and Allah, number two: regret it. That’s also between you and Allah, number three: seek forgiveness. That’s also between you and Allah, number four: promise not to do it again, that’s also between you and Allah.

Allah has already said those who develop the correct relationship with me and they are the ones who spend during days of ease and during times of hardship.

The racing towards forgiveness and Paradise that is prepared for those who are conscious of Allah that race includes spending but together with that you need to extinguish your anger.

The prophet peace be upon Him says a powerful person is not he who can out wrestle others; a powerful person is the one who can extinguish his anger when he’s angry, subhanallah. Can you do? Well, then you achieve a lot of comfort. You protect yourself from many crises.

And Part of developing your relationship with Allah and earning paradise and winning the race is to forgive people, learn to forgive others.


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