Make The Angels’ Switching Shifts Times Blessed By Remembering Allah | AIYP Ep-5 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The Prophet (saw) explains that when you wake up in the morning you have angels that have shifts and so we talked about the two angels that guard you, the two angels that record, those angels shift out at Fajr and Asr time

The prophet (Saw) said to be sincere and moderates in your good deeds. Do your best, aim for Perfection.

The prophet (saw) gave us the best of times if we make use of those times, we can get ahead and that’s when the angels are gathered around us as they’re switching shifts and they find us in a state of dhikr and a state of remembrance.

The way that you start off your morning with fajr with recitation and even you know, getting a head start on your day in terms of your halal worldly Pursuits.

So using that early morning time to remember Allah as the angels that work your morning and night shift are together and then beginning your own work shift earlier than everyone else allows you to get ahead.

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