‘The One In Control Of What I Want’ Halal & Tayyib And Fasting Rules WIth Exceptions | CITOCS- Ep6 | Mufti Menk

Oh people eat from that which is on Earth for as long as it is halal and Tayyib which means pure and clean. because if it is not pure and clean according to the Quran the energy that is derived from that food, which is impure and unclean would only be used in that which is impure And immoral.

Have you earned it that which is free from deception, free from that which is harmful and free from that which is illegal such as stealing and so on.

Allah says Your food must be Tayyib, Not only Halal but make sure that even the animals that you are consuming have been treated in the most befitting way.

The plate of food in front of you, try to finish your food. Don’t be wasteful. if you are wasteful how do you expect comfort in times of Crisis? That food which we had taken into our plates and wasted it could have been a meal for those who don’t have food at all.

Calling out to the almighty already there is so much of comfort in the hearts. Like I always say when we call out to the almighty he hears us definitely he has already heard us….

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