Why Does Allah Speak About Patience Before Prayer In Surah Al-Baqarah CITOCS-Ep5 | Mufti Menk

O you who believe, Seek assistance through patience and prayer, for indeed Allah is with those who bear patience.

I know that after the darkest hour, there is always Daybreak. The one who brought about that Daybreak will actually bring about the Daybreak in my crisis and as much as I am convinced that the sun is going to rise, I’m also convinced that my problem is going to end.

Put your head on the ground and call out to your maker. The closest you could ever be to your maker is when you are in prostration.

The closest that a slave could be to his maker is when his head is on the ground for his maker, crying to his maker. Oh my maker, help I need your help. Allah will respond- Ameen.

So you think of where you came from, where you are right now, where you are heading and that brings about a lot of comfort. Many of us cling to dear life. Although we know we have to leave it. So just embrace.

Thank Allah, do your best while you’re alive leave behind a very good Legacy, leave behind something good, do good for your own self and investment for the future.

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