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What Will You Say About Allah’s Body Parts! Raihan, Ali Dawah VS Visitor | Speakers Corner

We have a mechanism of affirmation and negation about Allah.

So we affirm about Allah what He described about Himself and what the messenger (pbuh) of Allah about Allah. And we negate about Allah what He negated about Himself, what the messenger (pbuh) of Allah negated about Allah.

So anything in between, we leave it up to Allah, right?

What Brought Us Into Existence! Mansur VS Atheist Couple | Speakers Corner

We know we exist. We are self-aware. So anything that has brought into existence must be self-aware. So what things could have brought us into existence?

The Answer is quite simple actually, which you know already. The fact that you exist, you know there is an existence reality. The fact that you and I exist, There is a necessary existence. There is a necessary existence because we are all contingent.

It is such a powerful argument for the existence of God that it is something that you don’t need to have a PhD to understand. If everything is dependent, you cannot explain the existence of dependent things by itself.

So a dependent thing which is dependent on their existence couldn’t have existed by themselves. So you need something that is not contingent or dependent. And that thing is something called the necessary existence, the necessary being who is independent, who is absolute by necessity.

So that is what we call our Creator, because we are a creation, we came into existing and that Creator is self-aware,

You have all the time for everything else, but you have no time for your own existence. And time to find out the meaning.

Every part of your body, do they have a purpose? Your eyes do they hear? Did you decide when you were an embryo?

Ironic! With All The Bad Happening In The World Despite God | Subboor & Atheists | Speakers Corner

If we just go with the idea that God is loving, and then you see evil in the world and this type of thing. if we just go with the idea that God is loving, and then you see evil in the world, then there’s a lot of questions, like, why does suffering happen?

But, if we have, say a concept of God, in which life is a test, there are good things that happen; there are bad things that happen.

In Islam, we believe that God created this life to be a test. So evil and good, we’re tested by all the time.

Islam teaches you not be a slave to your own desires, not be a slave to society, but be a slave to God.

What Finally Convinced Me Of Islam! Ali Dawah, Abbas & Revert Lucca | Speakers Corner

When you know someone sincerely, and genuinely is looking into Islam, And comes here asking sincere questions.

This matter of Shahadah it comes from Allah. You know, we convey the message. – There’s somebody we speak to, we show them like, clear-cut apparently. – They don’t accept it. So this matter of Shahada, taking … accepting Islam is a matter of the heart. And it comes—

it’s a kind of Qadr. – Yes. – Pre-destination, we believe it’s Allah. – Yes, yes – Who, who, who guides us in the right way. – Yes, 100% –

Trying To Convince Me About God Denying Science! Ali Dawah Vs Atheist Girl| Speakers corner

The Question is, there are other religions. They claim also they have the truth. What’s special about Islam?

There are a lot of people that call to their way, but there has to be one truth ultimately. To me, the Quran is the only scripture that challenged me. What God Almighty says in the Quran is if you think this is not from God, bring the chapter like it, and make something similar to it. They were far excellent in the Arabic language, they couldn’t meet the challenge.

Allah says in the Quran, you would find many contradictions and errors if this wasn’t from God.

Islam says that we don’t believe God is a man, we don’t believe God is a statue; we don’t believe God is in the creation. He is one and there is nothing like Him.

When we talk about worshipping God, it’s not that He requires our worship. God doesn’t require anything from us, it’s because of who He is.

Allah tells us in the Quran for mankind to reflect. He says, “Do they not look at the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the night and day, there are signs for those who have intellect, those who think.”

Signs For Those Who Contemplate! Adnan Rashid Ali Dawah & Sincere Visitor | Speakers Corner

Do you believe that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final messenger?

No yet..

Well, we have many reasons to believe that, that he was a true messenger, because when we read the Quran, the Quran makes it very clear that it could not have come from human mind.

Humans are categorized in three categories: Believers, disbelievers and hypocrites, simple that.. This is not to insult or degrade or to put down others. It is simply to clarify who is who. It is an identity exercise.

There is no other option for humans than to worship God. There is no other option for humans than to worship God. We are in submission, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe we don’t realize it. We are bound by the changing of the day and night.

And even in the Quran, Allah / God, He points to that reality that in the changing of the night and the day, there are signs for those who contemplate.

You cannot cause the sun to rise from the west or the moon to disappear, For example, you cannot change your seasons. Your climate is not under your control. You may influence it somewhat, but you cannot change it.

So you have to understand is that you are in submission to God, okay; either you do it willingly and submit entirely, or you are in submission anyway.

Question On Universe Allah Asks! Hijab, Abbas And Atheist & Agonistic photographer | Speakers Corner

The Quran makes a very philosophical argument; Allah says in the Quran, did this universe create itself? So He asked the reader, this very important question as to don’t you think about where this is all come from? And does that not arrive at effectively something or someone that actually created it… brought it into existence?

We believe that this is the infinite Majesty and strength and power of God Almighty.

we would say is that to our atheist, brothers and sisters in humanity is that if you actually think about the fact that this universe exists and therefore it requires an explanation, and there are only two explanations.

One, however, it came into existence, it had some material cause. It was some other material cause, nothing to do with God; Nothing to do with some creative power as such.

And the other argument would be that, no, it has to be designed in a specific way. It has to be proportioned in a specific way to work to function. And this all points to intelligence and a will to create and this is the explanation of God, for argument sake.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion, reasonable conclusion, I would say, is that it needs a Creator that created it, that proportioned it that designed it. And that is God for us, God Almighty.

This life is very short and death is just for all of us; tomorrow, today, maybe tonight on the way home. And we say to our brothers and sisters in humanity that Allah says that this is the reality after you die. So worship Me, follow My guidance and you will be successful.

And so we are calling our brothers in humanity through logic, through reason. I believe through evidence as well; to come to Islam, to accept Islam, study Islam…