Question On Universe Allah Asks! Hijab, Abbas And Atheist & Agonistic photographer | Speakers Corner

The Quran makes a very philosophical argument; Allah says in the Quran, did this universe create itself? So He asked the reader, this very important question as to don’t you think about where this is all come from? And does that not arrive at effectively something or someone that actually created it… brought it into existence?

We believe that this is the infinite Majesty and strength and power of God Almighty.

we would say is that to our atheist, brothers and sisters in humanity is that if you actually think about the fact that this universe exists and therefore it requires an explanation, and there are only two explanations.

One, however, it came into existence, it had some material cause. It was some other material cause, nothing to do with God; Nothing to do with some creative power as such.

And the other argument would be that, no, it has to be designed in a specific way. It has to be proportioned in a specific way to work to function. And this all points to intelligence and a will to create and this is the explanation of God, for argument sake.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion, reasonable conclusion, I would say, is that it needs a Creator that created it, that proportioned it that designed it. And that is God for us, God Almighty.

This life is very short and death is just for all of us; tomorrow, today, maybe tonight on the way home. And we say to our brothers and sisters in humanity that Allah says that this is the reality after you die. So worship Me, follow My guidance and you will be successful.

And so we are calling our brothers in humanity through logic, through reason. I believe through evidence as well; to come to Islam, to accept Islam, study Islam…

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