Tahajjud Miracles! Appointment With Allah: Ask To Relieve From These Two Major Things | Dr. Omar Suleiman

If a person tastes the sweetness of certain voluntary deeds, not only can it help them be more consistent with the obligatory deeds, it can help revive the spirit of those obligatory deeds.

Allah (swt) revealed to the Prophet (pbuh), to the ummah by extension, to stand up and pray at night, to stand up and pray a significant portion of the night and to recite a significant portion of what was revealed.

there was a wisdom to that that when you are struggling, this practice is not just a means of giving you great perspective and great connection to your Lord but it also provides a unique level of relief, of hem, of stress and anxiety.

You stand up at night, you have a direct connection to your Lord. It’s just you and Allah. The rules of Qiyamullail are not as rigid, But with the Qiyam, you can spend the whole night with one or two ayats you can allocate certain times to your prostration, certain times to your standing up. It’s a moment of joy.

There is nothing that connects a person to Allah like that time because Allah Subhanahu Taha mentions to Allah like that time because Allah (swt) mentions that He descends at that time in a way that befits Him (swt), He’s calling out to you and He’s saying, who wants to come close to Me?

Allah has all the time for you. Allah does not take slots. It’s not restricted for some religious people somewhere in the world, No.

The broken, the sinner, the righteous, the person who’s trying to be righteous; everyone is calling upon Allah that time of the night. That’s your time to get close to Allah (swt).

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