Signs For Those Who Contemplate! Adnan Rashid Ali Dawah & Sincere Visitor | Speakers Corner

Do you believe that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the final messenger?

No yet..

Well, we have many reasons to believe that, that he was a true messenger, because when we read the Quran, the Quran makes it very clear that it could not have come from human mind.

Humans are categorized in three categories: Believers, disbelievers and hypocrites, simple that.. This is not to insult or degrade or to put down others. It is simply to clarify who is who. It is an identity exercise.

There is no other option for humans than to worship God. There is no other option for humans than to worship God. We are in submission, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe we don’t realize it. We are bound by the changing of the day and night.

And even in the Quran, Allah / God, He points to that reality that in the changing of the night and the day, there are signs for those who contemplate.

You cannot cause the sun to rise from the west or the moon to disappear, For example, you cannot change your seasons. Your climate is not under your control. You may influence it somewhat, but you cannot change it.

So you have to understand is that you are in submission to God, okay; either you do it willingly and submit entirely, or you are in submission anyway.

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