Does Islam Give A Guarantee For Heaven! Abbas & Visitor | Speakers Corner

How can you should be sure you’re going to heaven? We believe that nobody can be sure, because heaven is something that belongs to Allah, to God almighty. And it’s God that judges the heart, God that judges your actions, the purity of your soul, and as a consequence, it’s His heaven to give to whoever He wills, right?

In Islam we have a very beautiful concept and its how do we find the path to God, to the Creator and you have to use both your Aql which is your intellect, – And the Naqal which is that you just do as you are instructed to do by the prophet (pbuh) basically.

As a Muslim, we believe that we live in hope of Allah’s mercy and Allah’s kindness. We do not think that we will enter paradise, because of our works. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was asked, “Even you?”

And he said, “Even me, I rely on the mercy, the Rahma of Allah to attain paradise.”

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