Improve These Things For A Successful Ramadan | Mufti Menk

The most important things for us to note is why the fasting was prescribed in the first 1st place;

O you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you, just like it was to those before you, in order that you achieve Taqwa- the consciousness of Allah, the fear of Allah.

One of the primary things you and I need to understand is the consciousness which means to know that He is your Lord. He made you. He is in control of everything on Earth. And you are going to helplessly go back to Him.

So Allah says, I have prescribed fasting so that your relationship with Me can be on the highest level. You need to value the Lord Who created you so that you can achieve consciousness of Allah.

I can never imagine putting my head on the ground in that position or posture for anyone or anything besides my Maker.

If you have a connection with Allah, you will realize that the same Allah I’m trying to impress made this guy here sitting next to me or this person sitting on the other side, the same Allah made that person.

So if I want to impress Allah, I got to just be good to what Allah has made people. Reach out to them, speaking with respect to a creature of Allah would probably earn you paradise.

This Deen, This religion is so beautiful. It teaches us goodness, kindness, compassion, closeness to your Maker, a very high level of morality, a beautiful level of character and conduct.

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