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Rumors spread against Uthman (Ra) To Delegitimize ~ Shaykh Omar Suleiman

When you do something particularly, well, then it really hurts to have your integrity  called in a question in regards to that particular matter.

So, when you’re particularly good with something then an accusation in that matter is particularly hurtful.

Once you start to spread those types of rumors, then you just create a profile about a person. The goal here… It’s like islamophobics do, right?

The goal is not to actually have anything verifiable against you as to create enough suspicion to where they can profile you.

So if I throw enough stuff out him then some of it will stick.

Our deen/ religion places such care on verification on not profiling people. By virtue of the abundance of news that exist about them as was done with uthman (Ra)

Once Prophet (ﷺ) Was Missing For An Unusual Amount Of Time And Qadr Of Allah | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Prophet (saw) Abu Bakr (ra) and Omar (ra) buried next to each other.


Something happened in the life of the Prophet (saw)….

This is the qadr of Allah (Swt); the Baqi’ expanded to where Uthman (ra)’s  grave became a part of the Baqi’…..


How To Know The Signs Of A Successful / An Accepted Ramadan

If you’re feeling more spiritual this moment at the end of Ramadan, then your Ramadan has been successful.

If the day of Eid is a day of obedience, a day where you still pray your qiyamul lail, a day where you still pray in the Masjid five times a day, a day where you still read the Quran and this is a huge sign that Allah azzawajal has accepted your qiyam and your reading of the Quran and your prayers in Ramadan.

So it’s important that we’re trying to form habits in sha Allah tala that will Outlast Ramadan and go beyond Ramadan.

one of the signs of an accepted Ramadan Is that our life changes, even if it were to mean or even if it was to mean just by a few inches, but the life has changed. If my life changes after Ramadan It means my Ramadan was correct.

The Reward Of Defending The Prophet (ﷺ) Intelligently….. AIYP Ep-10 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

No person who loves Allah and the Messenger (pbuh) can be completely unaffected by the insults towards the Prophet (pbuh), by the way that the Prophet (pbuh)’s been drawn, ridiculed, portrayed, particularly in the Western image to look like what the Muslim man is being molded to be…..

When he’s (saw) being insulted, your raw emotion tells you to respond in a certain way.

When a person defends the Prophet (pbuh), not just any angel would come and support them, but maybe Jibreel (pbuh) as well because that’s what caused Jibreel to come in the life of Hassan ibn Thabit (r).

If defending your brother, in his absence,  with his honor, causes an angel to defend you and protect you, what then does that mean when we defend the Prophet (pbuh) intelligently, intellectually, emotionally, without becoming who they want us to become, and demonstrating, in the process of defending the Prophet (pbuh), the character of the Prophet (pbuh), even in that defense, so that we don’t submit to that horrific image that they’ve painted of him (pbuh).

Let The Angel Respond On Your Behalf And Beware Of The Devil’s Mailman AIYP Ep-8 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Your greatest test of humility and honor is going to come when you meet someone who has absolutely none of those things.

Husnul Khuluq,  of good character is how a person deals with someone with ….  bad character, the prohet (saw) was sitting with Abu Bakr radiallahu anhum and a man started to insult the prophet (saw) and insult Abu Bakr (ra). now the prophet (saw) was doing what he always did Which was responding with patience, the prophet (saw) did not entertain the insult in any way whatsoever And he definitely did not respond in like manner.

Abu bakr (ra) loved the prophet (saw) more than he loved himself is witnessing those insults and finally he can’t hold himself and he responds. As soon as he responds the prophet (saw) gets up and he leaves.

The prophet (saw) is sitting and Abu bakr (ra) comes to him and he says o messenger of Allah, is it something that I did and the prophet (Saw) said that when we were sitting there before we were responding Allah has sent an angel from the heaven said to us and then as soon as you started to respond the said to us and then as soon as you started to respond the angel left. Devil came and sat in its place.

That’s why the prophet (saw) said that strength is not in how you overcome. Another person, strength is actually in how you overcome yourself.

Stop Messing With People And Belittling Good Deeds As Allah Has Hidden Two Within Two | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Allah has hidden His pleasure within his Good Deeds. So you don’t know which of your good deeds is going to attain his pleasure and Allah has hidden His friends/ His awliya amongst His servants. And so you don’t know which of the Servants of Allah one of His friends is.

When it comes to our Good Deeds, we do not belittle a single Good Deed because that might be the good deed that attains Allah has pleasure that earns us Allah’s pleasure.

we don’t belittle any person in front of us and how we treat that person because that person might be one of those whom Allah is highly pleased with and so honoring that person attains us a greater honor in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala because you’re treating someone with honor that Allah has honored as well.


Going Through Too Much! I can’t handle any more | Watch It ~ Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Is God one who likes to see us go through hardship and suffering without purpose? The answer to that is absolutely no. God gives His greatest test to His greatest servants and that yields the greatest reward for them.

Allah is going to give us our share of blessings and our share of Trials and we’re not really going to be able to understand in this life why we got that customized selection of blessings and trials. – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

A Beautiful Incident Of Showing Good Character And Excellence Hatim Alasam Rah And Old Lady | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

The beautiful incident there, the nature of that incident and how these people went above and beyond; To show good character and to demonstrate excellence and compassion and sometimes that means being sensitive to the person you’re speaking to and the person that’s in front of you and making sure that you don’t embarrass them. You don’t humiliate them and you even try to play off a situation where they’re embarrassed or humiliated

Hatim al asam (rah) that he was so concerned with hurting the feelings of that woman or letting that woman be embarrassed that he  immediately went above and beyond to make sure that she did  she wasn’t even heard in that embarrassing moment of hers.

He showed excellence and so he wasn’t just an excellent worshiper, but he was excellent in his character.