Let The Angel Respond On Your Behalf And Beware Of The Devil’s Mailman AIYP Ep-8 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Your greatest test of humility and honor is going to come when you meet someone who has absolutely none of those things.

Husnul Khuluq,  of good character is how a person deals with someone with ….  bad character, the prohet (saw) was sitting with Abu Bakr radiallahu anhum and a man started to insult the prophet (saw) and insult Abu Bakr (ra). now the prophet (saw) was doing what he always did Which was responding with patience, the prophet (saw) did not entertain the insult in any way whatsoever And he definitely did not respond in like manner.

Abu bakr (ra) loved the prophet (saw) more than he loved himself is witnessing those insults and finally he can’t hold himself and he responds. As soon as he responds the prophet (saw) gets up and he leaves.

The prophet (saw) is sitting and Abu bakr (ra) comes to him and he says o messenger of Allah, is it something that I did and the prophet (Saw) said that when we were sitting there before we were responding Allah has sent an angel from the heaven said to us and then as soon as you started to respond the said to us and then as soon as you started to respond the angel left. Devil came and sat in its place.

That’s why the prophet (saw) said that strength is not in how you overcome. Another person, strength is actually in how you overcome yourself.

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