How to Forgive Someone When It’s Hard | Mufti Menk

How would you expect the mercy of Allah when you are merciless!


If Allah is encouraging you to forgive others, you need to know that it will help you health-wise as well. It will be holistically beneficial when you release things.

The more difficult it is to forgive, the greater the reward of forgiving and the more likelihood of you achieving the Forgiveness of Allah.

When we say Ramadan is a month of Mercy, a month of forgiveness. We start off with ourselves being merciful and that is a point many people miss. People think when we say Ramadan is a month of mercy and forgiveness. It is only to achieve the mercy and forgiveness of Allah not realizing that to get that mercy and that forgiveness, you have to be merciful yourself, and you have to forgive yourself meaning you have to learn to forgive others.

The Prophet Muhammed (saw) says Allah does not have mercy upon the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of mankind, on the people.

Don’t make a mistake, be merciful and Allah will be even more merciful.

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