Science Works More Than God! Nazmul VS Atheists | Speakers Corner

We muslims, We believe in one God. We believe that God is independent. That God is self-sufficient that God created everything. This God doesn’t need help. He is the owner of everything.

So the problem is here, to making the evolution; you need to make the mutation of a cell (DNA)

My question is, if you need the DNA to making the evolution, how does the DNA come? And the mutation you spoke about, this mutation cannot be happen exact time in exact way, in exact time for everyone.

You do not believe God for what? Because it is a belief, but you are believing many things which is against the science.

We believe that there is an intelligent Creator who makes everyone  in a very, very nice way, in a certain way, Who makes every human being, and this God, what we believe this God is one,

So, the problem is if you die without believing God, and God exists, you have to get the punishment.

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