Know 7 Reasons To Search For Your Heart! Ali Hammuda

There isn’t anything on planet Earth that requires more attention and polishing and purifying and curing than the condition of the human heart.

The first Prophethood was heralded with open heart surgery. So Prophet would began with the purification of the heart from a physical perspective, this is why this topic is so serious.

The receptor of Islamic admonition is the heart. The receiver what receives the Islamic reminder, whether Quran or Hadith, or a Friday sermon or a lecture like this, what is receiving it primarily is your heart not your ears, not any other sensory faculty that you have.

The analogy of the human heart and how it behaves to revelation.

The motivator towards the doing of good deed is the heart. The practitioners of Islam, those who practice their religion, they do so because of their hearts that encourages them.

The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, there is a limb in the body. If it is sound, the rest of the body will be sound. If it is corrupt, the rest of the body will be corrupt.

The place where fitnah is presented to is the human heart.

The home of happiness is the heart. If you leave your heart unattended, watch how happiness will vanish. And the opposite is true. Give your heart the attention it deserves. And watch how Allah will bring happiness back into your life

Imam Ibn Qayyim (Rah) said, who should be written with ink of gold or something more precious than the ink of gold, like the tears of the righteous believer that he sheds for the sake of his Lord.

He said, but in the human heart there is a sense of scattering that can only be gathered by returning back to Allah. And in the human heart there is a sense of loneliness that can only be erased by finding companionship with Allah.

And in the human heart, there is a sense of fear and anxiety that can only be removed by fleeing back to Allah. And in the heart there is a sense of regret that can only be extinguished by being content with Allah.

The greatest of all deeds, they are the deeds of the heart. in the absence of certain internal acts of worship in the heart that are absent, all of it will be in vain.

The center of attention on the Day of Judgment will be the human heart.

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