Empirical Evidence To Determine The Metaphysical Like God! Hashim Vs Skeptic | Speakers Corner

Before we go to cause and effect, let’s first get one thing; We have to establish whether the existence, whatever it is, even from the minuteness, a quark within the atoms to your existence, to the existence of the universe.

No scientist will tell you that quantum vacuum is nothing. Nothing is actually a concept. In order for us to communicate, just like we use numbers, we use things like nothing, something, everything, Infinity; Yeah. This is in order for us to communicate, in order to formulate things in mathematics. So the bottom line here is it doesn’t exist, in reality. The best way to describe it as absence of everything.

My perspective is pretty clear; We have one God who created everything, you and me, the universe, everything, and it sustains all this. it might seem very simplistic to you, but to be honest with you, even logically, thinking, like I said, something cannot come from nothing. So you must have something.

Come from OK, doesn’t apply to God because He always exists. If something is something is eternal. Then it doesn’t need to come into existence.

The cause and effect, the Kalam cosmological argument goes like this. If something begins to exist, then it must have a cause. And this cause has to be something. It cannot be nothing.

What information or knowledge will convince you that you have consciousness That comes under empirical evidence?

Conscious is not something that you have data. You’re questioning your rationality; Everything depends on your consciousness, yet you have no evidence for consciousness.  You can never deny your consciousness because without that, none of your senses will work. But you believe it.

The reason I brought God in is that a person cannot deny his consciousness even with a lack of empirical evidence and the same person is asking for empirical evidence for God.

Once you acknowledge that something has to be there for all of this, the universe to exist. The universe didn’t come about by itself.

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