To whom Allah Prays & What Happens on the special Moment of Arafah! Dr. Omar Suleiman

Sometimes we take for granted when Allah responds to us with how He is going to reward us, what exactly that means.

every single time you send Salah and Salam upon peace be upon him, an angel informs him and he responds to you by name.

What does it mean when Allah sends Salah upon you, what does that even mean? How does Allah sends salah upon me? In fact, how does Allah send salah upon Rasulullah (pbuh) what does it mean to say Allah sends salah, sends His prayers upon someone?

Salaah means something very specific, and that is and that is His forgiveness. And we actually take this from a hadith where the prophet (pbuh) was receiving the charity of various people and Abdullah ibn Abi Aufa (Ra), he says that when people would come to the prophet (pbuh), He would say to them as they brought their chairty to him, Prophet (pbuh) would say, may Allah send salaat upon you. and the prophet (pbuh) says, I send salah upon that person as well.

And so the particular meaning here is forgiveness, the forgiveness from Allah (swt). , when it comes to as salah in general, when Allah sends salah upon you, it carries multiple meanings that also encapsulate this.

One of the things that we learn is that as we send salah on the prophet (pbuh), Allah prays upon us, The angels pray upon us, the prophet (pbuh) prays upon us.

When it comes to Allah, Allah is praying upon you is unlike any other creation praying upon you, sending Salah upon you. It’s completely different because ultimately when the prophet (pbuh) prays, Who does he pray to? Allah.

When the angels seek forgiveness, who are they seeking forgiveness from? Allah. They’re seeking forgiveness for us from Allah, but they’re praying to Allah.

But when the Allah (swt) himself has this attribute of Salah, there’s something very special about that. And it actually combines all of the meanings in the most beautiful of ways.  The most general meaning of the Salah of Allah upon His creation is that Allah mentions you in the highest heavens.

When Allah announces to the heavens I have forgiven this person, there is nothing greater than that because Allah praises you.

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