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Then You Become A Multi-Millionaire, Then What Hey Travelers Listen | Shaykh Ali Hammuda, Shaykh Omar Suleiman And Mufti Menk

Be a person of contentment, be a person who is satisfied with what Allah subhanaw Taala has chose for him/ chose for her.

The prophet (saw) said being rich and prosperous and wealthy is not about having a lot of money, a lot of material possessions. No, he said being prosperous is when your heart is content that is when you are rich, when your heart is content. Allahu Akbar,..

As a traveler how many extras do you want to be carrying on your back, lightest will be quickest on the Day of Judgment.

Truly Victory belongs to the Believers. True success in this world is closely connected to your success in the Hereafter.

The hadith says that the best of speech is the speech of Allah. The best of words are the words of Allah; connect yourself to the words of Allah.

I promise you if you were to make an effort with the word of Allah, Allah will come closer to you more than you can imagine.

The Signs Of Allah’s Happiness

In this short clip #MuftiMenk makes menion of if he were to ask us who is the most loved unto Allah the answer is Muhammad (ﷺ) who used to lead a very simple life. So everything we have is irrelevant in the eyes of Allah, it’s got to do with who is closer to Allah who gets jannatul ferdous (Allahu Akbar). Remember that when you have things, it’s not the sign of the happiness of Allah sometimes maybe when you don’t have it- it’s a sign of the #happiness of #Allah.

“Let your blessings bring you closer to Allah and make you humble. Two things will take you to paradise; be the conscious of Allah and treat the other people with a lot of respect”- From Mufti Menk