Must Sacrifice These Things Along With Qurbani On Of Eid Ul Adha! Powerful Reminders | Mufti Menk

More important than the sacrificing of the animal is sacrificing for the sake of Allah, That which is holding you down onto the ground and disconnecting you from Allah in any way, be it big or small, that’s more important.

You love something so much, is it coming between you and Allah?

Your business, Is it such that you just leave your salah, your earnings, your money did it make you arrogant?

Your power, your position does it make you feel like you are better than others?

If that’s the case, put a knife to that bad habit. Slice it. Cut it.

If you did not learn that, you learned nothing from the sacrifice.

This celebration of Eid Ul Adha is a celebration of separation from materialistic items of this dunya that might be bogging you down.

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