The Thing Shakes One’s Atheism! Smile Jannah Vs Visitor | Speakers Corner

One argument of design; – And this is mostly based upon probability.

Professor Fred Hoyle was looking at how we came across the elementary matter of carbon. And the way you get carbon is by getting three helium molecules together.

But when he brought three helium molecules together, it just wasn’t happening. And it was just really frustrating for him.

He realized that needed, you needed to have the nuclear ground state energy to be within 1% for the carbons to form for life. And in fact, Sir Fred Hoyle actually said that because of how precise this actually is, that actually shook his atheism.

the fact that we’re here as conscious beings that question our existence, that live harmoniously, that we have such adapted creatures around us, and then we look at the kind of situation that actually… that have led up to this, it surely does lead to the fact that you can’t have so many coincidences one after another leading to our existence.

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