How Sins Are Wiped Out And Earn Paradise | CITOCS-Ep15 | Mufti Menk

Unfortunately, we have the devil. He makes us commit a sin at the beginning then when we’ve then when we’ve turned to Allah, he makes us doubt the mercy of Allah on the other hand.

We need to realize yes, we will tackle the devil from the beginning and we will make sure that once we’ve come back to the right page in our relationship with Allah, We won’t allow him to make us falter by thinking that we have not been forgiven.

So there is a crisis in the mind. Allah Comforts Us in Surah al-e-imran by telling us who the people who will earn Paradise are.

Allah says If you seek the Forgiveness of Allah and you’ve changed your ways and habits, then Paradise was actually created for people like you, subhanallah.

You are not going to be judged by your past. Not in the eyes of Allah, your past is exactly that it’s your past, forget about it. Put it behind your back.

The beauty of Islam you don’t need to ever confess those sins to anyone, nobody. When you sought forgiveness from Allah It was wiped out even the angels were made to forget it. So don’t ever talk about it

Paradise lies between sabr and shukr, remember that between the two; thankfulness, gratitude is on one hand and patience is on the other.

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