What About My Previous Life, Is Allah Going To Forgive Me CITOCS-Ep2 | Mufti Menk

Allah is telling all of mankind worship your Lord the One Who made you, surely He who made you is the One you’re going to return to.

We would only be able to achieve comfort in times of Crisis if we developed the correct relationship with Allah. It is Allah who is showing us His power the helplessness of man And this is why if you take a look at mankind no matter what  we have, it is always Nothing compared to what Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala Owns. He owns not only us but whatever we own is also owned by Allah. It’s amazing.

Allah forgives him for indeed Allah is At Tawwab and Ar-Rahim. These two qualities again bring about comfort in times of Crisis. Allah calls himself At Tawwab who it means one who keeps on forgiving; He forgives again and again and so on. So this is Allah has quality. He doesn’t just forgive one time. Never lose Hope in the mercy of Allah. You will feel the comfort.

He is the oft-forgiving, r-rahim the especially merciful. We are all searching for Comfort. These are difficult times, but we must know that when we turn to Allah in forgiveness, and we repent to Allah He will open the doors of Mercy for all of us.

To seek forgiveness is actually the key to the door of the goodness that Allah has kept for you. May we be from among those who can repent. For indeed, It is through repentance that we will achieve comfort.

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