Ramadan Preparation In Such Times And Why It Is Different From Past Ones | Mufti Menk

This will definitely be a unique Ramadan one to be remembered.

We do know that Allah is the most merciful, the most kind, the most generous, the most compassionate, the most forgiving the most beneficent, Allah is the Healer, he is the curer, he is the sustainer, He is the provider, he is the protector, he Is the curer, may Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us all cure.

Every time there is something that happens that brings us closer to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. It is indeed a blessing of Allah. It is indeed a sign of the mercy of Allah and His love for us. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala Love us.

We have to have hope, we have to instil hope, we have to believe in the mercy of Allah. It’s a unique Ramadan, Ramadan wherein we will be able to participate online more than ever before.

So start selecting what you’d like to do in the month of Ramadan, start setting your timetable, the lessons that you will engage in, the online correction of your recitation, the online learning expanding of your knowledge of the Quran the tafseer, the rulings the regulations that of the Sunnah, the Hadith of the Prophet (saw), the rules and regulations of your religion.

let’s not waste our time engaging in that which is futile and at times even destructive.


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