Who Got A Leeway Of Fasting At Another Time After Ramadan With Mufti Menk’s Emotional Dua

Allah gives us comfort in that crisis by making it easy for us. People have been asking those on the front line, those in the front line who are serving at this particular time in our history. They are serving Humanity, saving lives, engaged in so much in order to serve communities.

if you are unable to fast Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala says don’t worry, we intend ease for you just like when you are travelling and your prayer becomes shortened in some cases or you may join it in some cases, We are giving you a leeway when it comes to fasting You can make it up sometime after Ramadan.

If you’re healthy, you must fast, you should attempt to fast at by all means but You’re really unable and if you cannot, don’t worry, you can always do it later Allah knows.

Allah knows Your Condition.

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