How Relief Comes From Any Difficulty | Whenever A Calamity happens | Mufti Menk

The benefit of seeking the Forgiveness of Allah during times of this nature, people might say why should I seek the Forgiveness of Allah, is it a punishment? well, I want to tell you even if it were, even if it were Allah says in the Quran, Allah will not punish them while they are seeking forgiveness. So if you are seeking forgiveness, the punishment will not come and if you think there was punishment when a person begins to seek forgiveness, it is converted into a blessing of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, like I said earlier, it’s wrong for us to say something is a punishment or not when we cannot know except through Revelation if something was definitely a punishment but a simple test is anything that brings you closer to Allah is not a punishment. anything that has distanced you from Allah makes you upset and angry and question Allah that may well just be a punishment of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala.

similarly, whenever a Calamity happens, ask yourself Am I involved in sin and am I involved That which is immoral and acceptable? Am I involved in that which is you know, have I usurped the wealth of others? Am I doing that which is unacceptable? Am I abandoning my prayers? Am I doing something that would be displeasing to Allah? you just ask yourself those questions. There’s no harm. In fact, it can only be benefit and we need to turn to Allah. really we need to pray to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. imagine, People did not use to go to the Masjid, now in the masjids in many places are minimizing and actually suspending congregational activities. People are up in arms, but you are the same people who never came to the Masjid. And today you’re up in arms. I pray that that is life-changing in the sense that we realize the value of the Masjid so that once this temporary measure is lifted, We will be flocking to the Masjid and we will be cherishing the favor of Allah that we have these massajids. I repeat those who have become passionate about This you know this issue and they are so upset sometimes sometimes they are the ones who are guilty of not ever making use of the Masjid in the correct way. Look at Salahtul fajr, We have a few people, look at zahr.. We only have a few, look at asr We have very few, magrib and Esa, in some places a little bit better,

but my brothers and sisters we can do much better when it comes to praying to Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala, you know, people abandoned the modest dress and what happened? They became from among those who perhaps in some places were banned from some of it. We don’t want that to happen my brothers and sisters to us. We don’t want to realize when it’s too late the value of something. It happens. Even in marriage, a person does not appreciate his or her spouse and once the divorce happens, then they say to themselves. You know, what? Oh, I just lost a good person. But that regret came too late, too late. Let’s learn to really appreciate the favours of Allah Upon Us, seek the Forgiveness of Allah, you know, every time people sought the Forgiveness of Allah in any difficulty, relief came, it definitely came.. listen to what prophet Noah (a.s) told his people, I told my people seek the Forgiveness of Allah. He is most forgiving, he will send for you the rains and the relief that you are so yearning for that you need. He will send a lot of it in abundance. We need relief, we turn to Allah, we promise to change our ways and habits.

We promise to become better people. We promised to be people who not only fulfill their Duty unto Allah, but who reach out to others and they are other creatures of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala at times like these Remember to spend in the cause of Allah, you know, if you want to help of Allah, help someone else and Allah will help you. May Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us ease my brothers and sisters The good news is that very few people would actually die of this particular virus, but because we care for the elderly and because we care for those who are perhaps somehow compromised in their immune system, those who have other challenges underlying issues Health matters because we care Those that is why we’re so passionate about this issue take things. Seriously, if you’re on lockdown take it very seriously, even if you’re not on lockdown. My advice stay at home because you know what, we have the guidance of the prophet (saw) He says when you hear of a plague stay in your house, this is actually a narration of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (rah). Don’t leave your house. subhanallah, It’s amazing advice, one narration and the common one speaks about the place, the place meaning don’t leave the place where the plague is in, don’t enter the place where the plague is if you were out, but if you look at the prophet (saw) tying the houses with… the whole house, was just two meters by 3 and so on the whole of Medina was not even the size of what Al Masjid an Nabawi is today. So Baqi’ was just outside of Medina, outside of the city and subhanallah what we have today The place of Ed was also outside of the city. So these were different places. I’d like to think, you know what with in your suburb, within your own home depending on the restrictions placed on you remember, I would not want to come out of my home unnecessarily. I have stayed at home. I haven’t gone for salah.

I haven’t gone out except for dire necessity and that too with a lot of precautions being taken with my face covered, you know and everything happening. If I don’t need to come out of my vehicle, I won’t and so on, brothers and sisters that is our duty, the duty that Allah has placed on our shoulders take it seriously. Nobody’s saying abandoned salah, in fact become, Salah meaning prayer become more regular with your prayer to Allah. Subhanahu wa’ta’ala. What did I say? We need to cry. We need to cry about our sins. And we need to think about them. What did we do? What have we done? If we’ve done something? This is the time to turn to Allah and if we don’t know what we’ve done still seek the Forgiveness of Allah astaghfiruka lima la a`lamu ( detalis in the video description) the prophet (saw) used to say I seek forgiveness for that, which I don’t even know, we need that dua much more, my brothers and sisters. This is a Good call, it’s a serious thing and no need to be depressed about isolation for sometimes or depressed about quarantine in certain instances, depressed about being on lockdown in certain instances. We’re In It Together, human beings are in this together. And we as muslimeen have an added Advantage where we’ve got so much to do that’s seclusion. Remember Musa alayhis salaam was placed in a small box. Imagine a little baby in a box, but that was how he was ultimately saved by the help of Allah and the same happens to the people of the cave in seclusion. Remember, they were saved how many years was there? I don’t know how long this is going to last but I know it is the mercy of Allah, we might come out of it, having struggled and suffered in one way, but we will come out having gained in many other ways. So let’s be considerate of others, learn to give people hope no matter how hopeless You may be feeling. it’s time to give everyone hope, it’s time to be together think of activities in the home, fulfill your salah with jamaa, spend the time with exercise. I have my family actually and I’m giving them all the lectures. We were just discussing today that why don’t you record all of these lectures, but you know, when you speak to family, it’s a little bit different. I prayed my brothers and sisters that yeah I’m talking to you here from the same and we’re excited. We’re not overindulging when it comes to food, keeping yourself hydrated as much as possible, keep the zinc in, keep the some of the protein in making sure you’re hydrated because it’s Not healthy to have a lot of protein without being hydrated and that will help you against viruses. Keep yourself filled with vitamin Cs. if you can with various other other little, you know, supplements don’t overdo it. because there is a fear of poisoning but keep yourself healthy and fit.

Mashallah, even if you have a few symptoms here and they don’t let anxiety overtake you but just take a precaution. We’re In It Together. most of us will make it out, but we care for the elderly. That’s why we’re saying passionately, Please be serious, be serious about this. It’s not about you. about everyone else. Well, it may be about you too. Because you might be one of those vulnerable. We care for you, we love you. That’s why we are trying to compel the people to stay indoors as much as possible. Obviously. I’m addressing people from all over the world. So every country has arrived at the different point, we are in Africa, we only have had two confirmed cases in Zimbabwe, but I do know that there may be many others They probably are others. There are so many …with so many symptoms. But unfortunately, we’re just waiting for some testing kits and we getting into gear by the will of Allah, you know, we’re not part of the advanced countries who have everything, some of my friends have been messaging me, telling me subhanallah you need to do this and get this and do that and get this medication that medication just keep it in stock and instore and I’m like, hey guys, this is Africa. We make duaa to Allah and we have fresh organic vegetables and fruits in our Gardens. So we thank Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala for that, my brothers and sisters. I just want to quickly repeat seek the Forgiveness of Allah it Doesn’t mean that you’re guilty of committing crimes, but that is how you will achieve relief, I repeat that verse Allah will not punish them for as long as there are seeking forgiveness. Also, there are so many other verses where the previous prophets have told all their people to seek the Forgiveness of Allah in order to achieve relief and the mercy of Allah. So the mercy of Allah comes when you seek forgiveness of Allah. don’t waste your time. I’ve seen some brothers and sisters waste their time online. You know, what? for some it might the last few weeks in the on the on Earth and imagine the last few weeks on Earth, you’re spending them in such a destructive way or in such a waste, you know in a way that you’re wasting time. Don’t do that spend your time constructively, the dhikir of Allah, cry to Allah, expand your knowledge of the Quran, read the Quran, recite it, pray for you. I’m sure you all praying for me and alhumdillalh I’m very well by the will of Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala. I thank Allah like may Allah bless you all.

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