A Believer Never Loses | Stop Worrying & Being Depressed | Shaykh Hasan Ali

Hey, are you scared that the Coronavirus might hit you you might die from it? Well, if you’re scared that maybe you got something to think about, what are you scared of? what are you scared of? the fact that you might have to leave this world. that probably means that your attachment to this world, was a little bit too much seriously.

if death scares you then it means your heart was attached too much to this world. a little bit too much or maybe the love of your family. Was above the love of Allah azza wajal and his messenger (saw). Yes, you never made the prophet salallahu alayhi Salam more of a family member that you look forward to seeing and hugging on the day of judgment than your own family. And that’s why you scared. We Muslims will avoid anything to do with the Coronavirus will avoid going to the places of Coronavirus, will try and self isolate, it’s all in the Hadith, that’s fine. But we Muslims if something like that was to come about and if it hit us, our prophet (saw) told us that when a person dies from the plague, they are Shaheed, they are Martyr. and if a person dies from the coronavirus, hopefully they are also shahada. They’re also Martyrs, so a believer never loses, if I live alhumdillah I live, if I die I’m a shaheed. if I die from the coronavirus right now, I’m a shaheed, my tawbah and My repentance should be updated. That’s definite. I should have made Allah and his messenger (saw) my focal point at all times of my life. Number one Allah, Number two, the messenger salallahu alayhe wassallam, then my family and anyone else who ever my parents, so on, that’s fine. But number one Allah, Number two, the messenger salallahu alayhe wassallam,

If I’ve kept doing that. I’ll avoid getting in contact with the Coronavirus. But if it hits me and if it kills me that guess what? I’ve got better things to look forward to in the next side. That’s how believer should feel. Seriously. Why are you depressed for? why you sitting there? oh my God jummah is cancelled. Look look. Let me tell you this the hadees is clear in sahih Muslim if you’ve been going for Jummah, all these weeks of your life and one week, you couldn’t go, because of an excuse today in jummah… tomorrow when you get to jummah, you’re going to find the full reward of juma’a in your Deeds, book of deeds in the day of judgement. for not going Jummah. You know why? the prophet (saw) said when a person becomes ill or when a person is traveling and they can’t do the things they used to do before, Allah give them the same reward. So the fact that you couldn’t go to jummah. You can’t go tomorrow to Jummah So what? you would gain the reward but if you weren’t going to jummah you’re not going to get that reward, now think about it all the things you used to do all the good things you should do salah with jamaah, not you again, different some reasons…. you can’t go to the Masjid for Salah because they shut the Masjid.

Well if You’ve been going for as many Salah, you gone before you gain the full reward of that, right now sitting home or doing. I mean you shouldn’t be just sitting home. You should be doing jammah at home. right, do the jammah with your family because you’re a person who’s been doing by with jammah (congregation) and all those people who went to Jummah, all these weeks you gain the reward for that.. you went to jammah, You can reward for that. How does the believer lose that, you don’t do that? And if the person sitting there and thinking oh my God, I might die from this. Well, maybe it’s a good time for you to think about death. Maybe it’s a good time for you to think about death because it’s going to hit you one day anyway, and whatever is written for us is going to be coming our way anyway. Well, you know, we avoid going towards coronavirus or any area that has hit just like just like in the Hadith He (saw) says if … the plague in a place you’re not supposed to go into that country where the plague is and you know, those people there who have been struck by the plague. They’re not supposed to come out and and you know come out of that place and give the plague to others, right? So that’s that we as Muslims we’re going to take that precaution. We’re gonna have self isolate. what are… we going to take the precaution, fine? But in terms of the Coronavirus, I don’t see why people are being so moody, and so on look there’s a lot of good that’s going to come out of this. I’m telling you.

This is the time when we should sit down and reflect, right about all the good things that we’ve had. You can’t travel that was blessing of Allah that you’ve had right? We’ve got food. We… it’s not like we’re not you know, it’s not like we’ve got a famine or something. We haven’t got food, subhanallah, I don’t understand why people have been so depressed. Honestly, I don’t understand, Allah Azzawajal has given you everything everything you’ve got. Alright, you got your fridge, you got your food and … you got supermarkets… That are full of food. All right, and they’re going to carry on being supplied subhanallah all you have to do stay home. That’s all you have to that. You gain depressed? Oh my God.. food.. My reward… Well, if food runs out, let’s just talk about right if food Runs Out So what it? runs out… if we starve a little bit. So what? honestly so on, be prepared for it, be upright human being, be prepared for it. If you’re prepared for the worst.

If you prepared for death, the nothing can make you go down, my friend. Nothing can make you feel dumb. This is this what? if the pandemic goes into a worldwide crisis guess what? You know in some ways there’s gonna be a lot of good coming. I don’t I don’t hear you… know, a lot of people talking about war and this in that not everyone’s thinking about themselves right now. You understand. They’re not thinking about war out there, you know, a lot of good probably going to come out of this, a lot of people going to be thinking differently from what they were thinking beforehand and you as a Believer sit down get on with your life, cheer up and stop thinking that this is the end of the world. We know from the Hadith the end of the world will not happen until the dazzal comes and other . …you know, there’s going to be other Signs of the last hour, which I haven’t come yet. We know that so so it’s not the end of the world. Second thing is all these crises and so on is going to shape human beings to be better. So the time right now is to get on with you what we’re supposed to be doing all this time. Anyway, which is ibadah, get on with your prayers, get close to Allah, don’t do it just for the sake that the pandemic is here. We’re supposed to be doing that before … Anyway update towbah, be ready anytime death comes.. Boom.. gone to the next life. You shall have your martyrdom and you’ll have a better life over there. So stop worrying, stop being depressed. Sit down enjoy life, you know meet your family to whatever else you want to do. Yeah, you know don’t feel that. This is the last day you’re going to be going from them… from the earth…. My God, you got a bigger family on the other side waiting for you, my friend. If you make it your alien to the best place in the next world where all the good souls are your, you know, forefathers your aunties, uncles Whoever has passed away before the waiting for you, right? you’ll be over there. You’ll be with a better family over there. So sit down, right enjoy your life and either way you win because you’re a believer, alhamdulillah

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