Never Ever Comment About Other’s Complexion And Weight | Make People Feel Important

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him always made people feel very very important, everyone. when he saw a child He actually paused for a moment and gave the child such importance that the child felt empowered, subhanallah Are you a good Muslim? We are supposed to be having decent character and conduct to say the least, right? My brothers, my sisters, If you’re a true Muslim if you want to be a follower of Islam, we know the pillars of Islam, Five Pillars,

we know them but sometimes we behave in a way that is actually so embarrassing. On one hand, we claim to be the ambassador of this beloved beautiful messenger and on the other hand, We are such an embarrassment that people dislike Islam and they dislike, astagfirullah, the messenger peace be upon Him simply because of the way we behave, we behave in a ridiculous way. If someone is darker than you in complexion, all that is required of you is never ever comment about their complexion, I don’t even want to ask you how many of you have ever commented about others complexions because I think I’ll be embarrassed. People are worried about how fair they are And how dark they are. I tell you the almighty says it clearly, your entry into Paradise has nothing to do with your race. Nothing to do with your color. Nothing to do with the size or shape of your body or how much you weigh Imagine you weigh and you strive to lose one stone, half a stone you strive, you struggle I promise you if you had struggled. Half of that dedication if you had to struggle just a little bit not even a struggle to get closer to the almighty You shed some of your spiritual baggage far quicker than you would shed your own weight. And by the way, it’s not bad. It’s not bad. To what? To be a few kilos this way and that way nothing wrong. Don’t get too obsessed. I remember visiting a country. and they were talking about one of the girls who want to get married and obviously every culture has its own taste and has its own understanding and so on and they were talking about a certain girl getting married and one of the brothers said she won’t find a husband. This was somewhere in Africa, by the way. And I was shocked I said brother You cannot say that, you know astagfirullah…. He said no man. She’s nothing, she must eat potatoes and whatever… in our culture you can only get married if you are 70 kilos or more. have you ever heard that? I looked at him I said, in my culture most of the girls would be disqualified, SubhanAllah, may Allah grant us forgiveness protection. Something you look at as positive others. Look at is negative. You see, it’s a matter of where you come from your culture. Allah says, I’m not gonna judge you by your weight. Try your best.

You must be fit. Don’t say I’m a Muslim. Like I said, it’s okay. It’s okay. I can weigh as much as I want. No, you cannot, you must take pride in what you look like in what you feel like in your health. You must learn to do something about it, but don’t become obsessed. That’s what we are saying, Obsession means now it stresses you just because of one pimple on your face. Not at all. I’ve got 10 by the way, it’s fine. My brothers and sisters, let’s refine ourselves. You see someone darker than you, taller than you, shorter than you very thin.. huge. No problem. Greet them, smile at them, make them feel important, give them that empowering the sense of belonging, it will help them and guess what? more than it helps them. You did yourself a favor, Allah says o you who believe, do not destroy the reward of your Charities by bragging about it and by harming Those after you have been charitable. That means if I give you a charity and I brag about it. I’m just Nullified the reward of it. I’m supposed to humble myself.

I’m supposed to make you feel more important than I, even though the world might think you did a favor, the person might also believe you did a favor, but you know, what? if you are refined, you look at it in a different way, humble yourself. Humble yourself, bring yourself to the understanding that you’re supposed to be upon. Never ever Maltreat people based on their financial standing social standing, Sometimes we only greet the Rich and Famous Sometimes we’re only you know, acknowledging people who look a certain way, the day you can acknowledge people who look totally different, people who are from perhaps a totally different background, Different race, different nationality, different Religion, different background the day you can acknowledge them and respect them for the fact that they’re human, They share with you the common factor, the common forefather subhanallah. Who was your greatest grandfather? Adam (a.s) So we’re related. Mashallah. You have to acknowledge if you’re a refined human being. After all, we are brothers and sisters in humanity, the day you acknowledge that that’s the day you inched towards understanding who your maker is. Because that it’s the same maker who made them made you, I’m trying to impress the same Creator who created everyone else. So if he created everyone else and I am so loving and kind to all his creatures, surely you’ll be impressed with me.

And if I’m nasty to one creature of the almighty, do you think he’s going to be impressed with me? He made that creature. you follow what I’m saying? And we call ourselves religious? See what I’m saying? Understand Allah. That’s why the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him tells us the almighty will not have mercy on the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of mankind as a starting point. to what extent did the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him make people feel important? Let me explain the companions say that’s by far one of the most powerful statements when it comes to seeing how the prophet (saw) made people feel around him. It says the companions are saying none of those in his company ever felt that there was anyone more honored than himself to the prophet. Wow, that’s a miracle. That is a miracle. Imagine, I’m sitting with a thousand people and every one of the Thousand believes This guy likes me the most, How’s that?

The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him made everyone feel so important. The brothers, the sisters meaning the men, the women, the children the old, the others, I give you one example Bilal ibn Rabah (Ra) was a man from habesha. habesha is somewhere where Ethiopia is today, So he was an African from Africa, habesha. He was before Islam, A slave and Islam Taught the companions to free the slaves, free them until they were all free. They were all set free. It started off with Abu Bakr the same man Abdullah ibn Uthman (ra) he used to buy the slaves and the free them, buy them from an owner, one of the people of quraysh buy them and then Free them, buy them and then free them and in that way the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him says that whoever does that they freed themselves on the day of judgment. If you wanted to be free from a punishment, you had to buy one of these people who were oppressed completely unacceptably and free them, you know people don’t talk about this, but that’s Islam. So Abu Bakr as-siddiq (ra) decided to buy Bilal ibn Rabah (ra) free him, he was a slave when he freed him, the honor and the dignity that he got as a Muslim. He was one of the Champions when the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him went up in Mi’raj and Allah showed him jannah and jahannam meaning Heaven and Hell and the heavens and whatever else he came back onto the Earth. And guess what He said? He says imagine everyone is sitting and waiting to listen, you know, what is he going to say? He’s going to describe for us his journey. He started describing and he says where is Bilal out of all the people where is Bilal, imagine you looking for a person subhanallah who was a slave. Probably the darkest in complexion, but the prophet (saw) says is where is bilal? he says Bilal he says when I was in Jannah. I heard your footsteps, la illah ila allah Look at this. I heard your footsteps. It goes to show that entry into Paradise has nothing to do with your color. It’s going to do with your heart in that’s a statement of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. He says Allah does not look at what you look like. And your body, straight, Allah does not look at your body is what you look like. He looks at your deeds and your hearts. That’s what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him taught us. I want you to change your life, my brothers and sisters make people feel important.

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