Mufti Menk’s Joke on A Real Accountant | Technical Mind

whenever I give the example of one plus one, something comes to my mind. It was a lesson of honesty that we learned many many years ago. And you know, they say initially they had picked on certain colors and races. But as I refined it, we removed the colors and races because even when you are joking you shouldn’t say the Pakistani and the Indian and this .., No, if it’s derogatory take that out. Refine yourself, you know when I was a little bit younger and we were not Not yet as refined. We sometimes used to laugh at these things.

Now, I actually send a message back to the brothers on my phone or whoever it was I said, you know what? think about what was said? you could have joked without an insult. may Allah forgive me and all of us and make us more conscious of it. So they say there were three guys, they went to apply for a job as an accountant right? by the way I was told recently that accounting is going to be taken over by computers very very soon, anyone becoming a CA, you know the lifespan of it, you’re going to have to go into crypto very soon. may Allah forgive you and forgive me. I might be totally wrong. Okay, it’s not my topic. I should keep quiet, right? mashallah, mashallah, so three guys going to the interview. What did they want the job as the accountant?

So the first guy walks in and he comes out in a minute. So the other two said what happens? and I don’t know I walked in, he said what’s one plus one? I said two and he said you can leave. I said why? So the other two now knew that hey is something wrong. The next guy goes in and comes out in a minute. So the third guy sitting and said what happened? He said he did the same thing to me. Yeah, but you’re such a fool if you knew two was wrong. Why did you…? he says, no, I didn’t say two because I knew two wrong, right? I said 11 because one and one technically you put the two together.

It makes 11 so, you know technical mind, I might get the job. He said you can leave, the third guy says haha. This guy probably needs a different answer. So he enters like I told you the initial joke has nationalities next to it. Don’t put nationalities. We leave it blank. You’ll still have a good laugh. Right? Why are you laughing bro? I haven’t even told you the joke. So he walks in. And he gets the job. He got the job guess why he got the job. the boss says, what’s one plus one? He says wait, let me close the curtains. he Closed the curtains and I turned off the lights, I turned offt he lights. Okay, let me whisper in your ear. He said okay, what would you like it to be? they say that’s a real accountant, Masha’allah, Allah forgive us. may Allah forfgive us, did you hear that? We see laugh, Masha’allah May Allah forgive us. Obviously. That’s a joke guys. That’s a total joke. It’s got nothing. You know what you have to be upright. Please don’t whisper in people’s ears and start doctoring all your accounts. Mashallah.

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