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Something Even More Scarier Than Ad-Dajjal! Ustad Asim Khan

The prophet (pbuh) said to them, Should I not tell you about something even more scarier in my opinion, than this person, ad-Dajjal,; Now just pause and consider how much effect of ad-Dajjal will pose to people when he arrives.

He (pbuh) said, it is a ‘Shirk al-Khafiyy’ (the hidden polytheism). A person who believed in Allah but yet his heart was so corrupt was so hung up on what other people think of him. we need to be sincere with Allah (swt).

When you do a good deed or when you abstain from doing something wrong, you do it for Allah, not for yourself, not for your reputation and not for the sake of other people.

a danger that is corrupting our hearts and affecting our sincerity is social media. And the reason being is because if you really think about it most of the time that people tweet or upload pictures, it’s what is to brag is to talk well about themselves.

And sometimes as Muslims, what we do is that we brag about good deeds….. people have fallen into this trap of what, social media is all about, trying to boost me, myself and my ego.

Are you bragging about your good deeds? Are you just trying to boost your own reputation in the eyes of other people?

Monitor how you talk and how you are posting about yourself. Ask yourself, Is this a good deed? If it is, am I doing it to show off or am I doing it to inspire other people?