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Have A Respectful Tongue If You Love Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) – Mufti Menk

Remember one thing, if you want to know whether you really love the messenger (ﷺ) you only need to look at your lifestyle. Look at what you do, look at your ibadah?

A Mumin has a clean, polite, beautiful, respectful tongue at all times. Clean your tongue, say respectful words, be polite, be honorable, command respect by respecting yourself to begin with, automatically people will know you are respectful.

Dress in a way that if the messenger (ﷺ)  were to glance towards you he would be proud of the way you are dressing and speaking and what you are doing Masha’Allah, Tabarakallah.

May Allah strengthen us.

-Mufti Menk

Baby Girl Comes With Special Blessings | Mufti Menk | Amazing Lecture

In this amazing lecture #MuftiMenk mentions how a #babygirl opens the door of #paradise for her #parents with special #blessings. we don’t realize the gifts of Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala because human nature is such that we concentrate on those things that we don’t have. This is what happens to #mankind, we tend to concentrate on what we don’t have and this is why we overlook what we actually do have they say you only realize the value of what you had after you lose it. It is a major sin is to become upset at the #gender of the child that you have been bestowed with especially if it is a #female why especially if it is a female because that is expressly mentioned in the Quran.

Mufti Menk Quotes in this lecture “ Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) made it clear that #daughters are special very clear; he made it very clear that if you get upset when you are informed of the fact that Allah has bestowed you with a #gift of a #child being a female. Then you’ve engaged in a major #sin just by becoming upset, so be careful.