Why Allah Will Judge Them First And NoThe Fragrance Of Jannah For Them | Sheikh Abdul Basir

Allah (swt) created us and Allah (swt) gave us duties. Allah (swt) Then He told us to be mindful of the duties He has given to us.

One of the important things that Allah (swt) told us after He gave us this life, after He created us to be knowledgeable, to be knowledgeable, to get the knowledge, to acquire the knowledge, to get engaged with the knowledge, to be among the knowledgeable people.

However, the scholars (Rah), they said; the greatest favor of Allah (swt), which you are experiencing in your life is acquiring the knowledge, achieving the knowledge, being knowledgeable.

Why are you trying to get the knowledge? Why are you going to school or College or why are you going to the University? To get the knowledge, Of course. But for Muslim, it is beyond that.

Why? Rasulullah (pbuh) told us that your intention for you to get the knowledge should be only for the sake of Allah (swt).

Rasulullah (Pbuh) told us that if someone is only concerned about getting the Dunya, and not concerned about the pleasure of Allah (swt) By acquiring the knowledge, in the day of judgment, that person, he or she will not smell the fragrance of Jannah.

Rasulallah (pbuh) told us in the Day of Judgment, the first people who will be judged by Allah (swt), are those who claim in the world, I was or I am knowledgeable.

If you think or if you claim that I am knowledgeable, in the Day of Judgment, Allah (swt) will judge you before everyone else.

Allah will ask him, why did you learn? And why did you teach people? So that person will proudly say Ya Allah, for Your sake, as Allah will say, you are a liar. You’ve done it for the people to tell you that you are knowledgeable.

So if this is the case, we have to purify our intention.

Sometimes we are deep too into the knowledge that we forget Allah (swt). Rasulullah (Pbuh) told us to be concerned about religion, to be concerned about the duties of Allah (swt) has given to us;

Rasulullah (pbuh) advised us to get the manners before you get the education.

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