That Metaphysical World You And I Believe In! Hashim Vs Superman | Speakers Corner

The gentlemen, He wanted to discuss about certain things in religion. I asked him, do you believe in God? And he says maybe, maybe not. He wasn’t sure whether he even exists. And then I think it from the progressed into matter and energy and about the existing of the universe.


So, Alhamdulliah, You know, this is something that we have to understand that not everyone is going to believe what you just claim. You need to substantiate what you claim. So you cannot just say energy always existed, and then assume that we will all believe it.

Even the Scientists don’t work like that. They need to substantiate. They need to go through certain peer groups to find out whether the theory that you believe in, can be falsified or the truth. Yes, it’s a scientific approach as well, to look at things objectively and to look at it.

But if you are going to then depend on a tool like science to understand things of the metaphysical world, then it is something which is beyond the scope of science. It is like the example of someone using a metal detector to find plastic. So the wrong tool for finding something which is metaphysical and that is science.

The science does tell us how things work. It does tell us, It will never be able to tell you things like the origin of the universe, won’t be able to tell you an origin of many things, like the first cell and so on.

Yes, they can speculate and assume things, but cannot tell you for certain how things originate.

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