Allah Says Stay Far Away From Intoxicants & Do 3 Things To Handle False Accusations | Mufti Menk

If you look across the globe, the people engaging in that which is prohibited Islamically have increased. And I’m speaking about the Muslims. So if you look at, for example, intoxicants, people are actually consuming and partaking of that which Allah has prohibited; you and I know that anything that intoxicates your mind is actually prohibited.

The prophet (pbuh) says that which intoxicates you, if you were to consume a lot of it, then even a little of it, is prohibited.

So Islam has strict rules. My brothers and sisters, Let’s not drop because others have dropped. Don’t do it. Whether the whole world is doing it or not does not change its ruling.

Allah dangles things in front of us to test our relationship with Him. Allah says He does that in order to distinguish between those who are conscious of Him without anyone looking.

Islam is very strong when it comes to intoxicants and that which is displeasing to Allah.

Don’t talk about others. Don’t involve negatively in the lives of others. Make dua for them. Remind them if you can, Subhanallah, deal with it positively. But Allah says, Watch out for yourself. You be concerned about your own weakness and your own bad.

When you and I are faced with people accusing us, with people saying bad things about us, with people falsely saying things about us and it’s really hurting and it’s really painful.

What should you do?

Three good reminders; declare the greatness of Allah, Do the Tasbeeh (to glorify) of Allah. Praise Allah, Remember Allah and prostrate a lot, Pray a lot. Put your head on the ground for Allah a lot. You will find the comfort you’re looking for. Pray a lot. Allah will protect you.

Then Allah says, the third thing is, continue to worship Allah until death comes to you, you and you will see how Allah will open your doors. you and you will see how Allah will open your doors.

Sometimes we tend to incur evil statements by something we did ourselves about us. You swear someone’s mother, he swears your mother.

That’s why the Prophet (pbuh) says, cursed is the one who swears his own father. So he was asked, how can a man swear his own father? So he says that he swears the father and the mother of another so that person swears his father or mother as a result. So Let’s not curse each other. Let’s not swear each other.


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