Which Adhkar Should I Prioritize! Istighfar Or Tasbeeh | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

When you’re talking about the aspect of Dhikr, Sometimes when you read about the virtues of one statement of dhikr, you would think that that’s the only dhikr that you should be saying, you would say I

Should be doing nothing but saying astaghfirullah all the time.


The Hadith where the Prophet (pbuh) is receiving advice from Ibrahim (a.s) about the seeds of the

Soil of Paradise. Subanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Akbar.


It’s every single chapter you find these Adhkars, and you say they’re amazing on which one should I prioritize? And then you find statements from the pious predecessors, and all of this is an introduction

to the question, by the way, statements of the pious predecessors like Fazle and Ibn Taymiyyah

(Rah); when they were asked about prioritizing: seeking forgiveness or glorifying Allah/ Istighfar over Tasbeeh.


And the example that they gave was that if you have a garment and it is stained, then you don’t

Embellish the garment before cleaning the stain. So istighfar cleans the stain, Tasbeeh, saying Subhanallah or the buttons on the garment, Are the embellishments on the garment, and so they prioritized istighfar over Tasbeeh, but they never neglected Tasbeeh.


Where does that leave us in Ramadan? Where as imam Az Zuhri (Rah) Narrates one Subanallah in

Ramadan is a thousand times, subhanAllah, outside of Ramadan, This month in which the mercy from Allah is descending upon us constantly.


The best form of Remembrance is Quran, and the best way to read the Quran is in prayer. so the best dhikr is the dhikr that coincides with the Prophet (pbuh)’s dhikr that is diversified, that your heart is most present in. the best dhikr outside of Ramadan is the best dhikr inside of Ramadan, meaning the reward for your morning Remembrance and evening Remembrance in Ramadan is even greater than what it

Would be outside of Ramadan.


The Prophet (pbuh) would not pause the morning of adhkar and the evening of adhkar, the things

he would say in the morning and the things he would say in the evening after asr, because Ramadan came around. And that is the best time to learn the habits of those things. And that is the best time to

learn the habits of those things.

The sunnah that the prophet (pbuh) would not forget to pray outside of Ramadan or inside of Ramadan.


The theme of Ramadan that throughout the month of Ramadan, the prize of Ramadan is asking Allah to forgive you.


As you are changing your ways and turning your page with Allah (swt) let the core of your your

dua, Oh Allah! forgive me.

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