Why Allah Does Not Forgive Five Types Of Person | Firm Your Faith Before Ramadan | Mufti Menk

Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Always seek the forgiveness of Allah (Swt). But we have a major problem because we are taught that there are certain people Allah doesn’t forgive.

Allah (Swt) forgives all those besides certain people, who are those certain people? That Hadith is in Sunan ibn Majah (15th Shaban)

If you want to achieve the forgiveness of Allah save yourselves from the following:

Number one, mushirk – straight. That Hadith says, a person who associates partners with Allah in worship. Allah says, I won’t forgive that person. But we are talking of a person, who passes away, and he did not seek forgiveness or she did not seek forgiveness. Allah says, I can forgive everything. But shirk, I won’t forgive.

The second one is a person who holds in his heart grudge and hate and ill feeling and malice towards others. Clean your heart, my brothers and sisters; If you’re a Mumin and you want Paradise, clean your heart.

Clean your heart of hatred, enmity, malice, jealousy, etc, etc against anyone else. And the prophet (PBUH) confirmed that that was a quality of Jannah.

Another quality that is mentioned is a person who lengthens his clothing well below his ankles. It is depictive of pride. So the quality that Allah does not like is the quality of pride. Allah says, I don’t like the one who is proud and arrogant. The Quran says that, Allah doesn’t like those who are haughty and they belittle others.


The sign of pride is when a person rejects the truth and belittles others, you treat them like rubbish. Treat people with respect. Allah will forgive you.

Another type: a person who cuts relationships with their family for no reason or for worldly purposes because of money, because of wealth.

Don’t break relations unnecessarily. People ask, What about obedience to parents? Obedience to parents within that which is reasonable is a duty of Allah has placed on our shoulders. Allah subhanaw in the Quran has always told us to be kind to your parents, even if you disagree.

You choose a respectful means and a respectful way of disagreeing because you are never allowed to be unkind to your parents, even when you disagree with them. And even if they are unkind, be kind, disagree politely.

Another type: a person who is addicted to intoxicants of any nature and they don’t even have a plan to actually quit it or to seek the forgiveness of Allah.

Remember one thing, when you are doing something wrong, habitually, as a mumin / believer, at least feel in your heart, what I’m doing is wrong. wallahi, that feeling will save you.

So Allah says when you feel bad with your sins, it’s a sign that you’re a believer, why would I feel bad? Because I love Allah. I have a weakness. But I love Allah. I want Him to forgive me, strengthen me.

If Allah has accepted you, how do you know that’s the last question? How you know? Your life changes.

How do I know my hajj was accepted?  I will know it when if I come back and things have changed in my life positively.

When you fast in Ramadan your life changes. You are forgiven and all the sins are wiped out. How do I know that Ramadan was accepted? When Ramadan exits and you know, your life has changed.

When you seek forgiveness of Allah, How do you know Allah has forgiven you? When you quit a few of these things in your life changes somehow.

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