Come Across Believers Who Don’t Have Much ! Mufti Menk

Allah (swt) tells us in a beautiful way that never be judgmental when it comes to people who greet you, people who are good Even if they come across poor.

Allah says when you see the Believers who don’t have much, they might look like they’re downtrodden their clothes maybe tatty, in Ruins Etc. They may be homeless. Allah says, you know what give them importance.

Reach out to those who are not on your level as well reach out to those who are not on your level as well, materially because they may be on a higher level in their relationship with Allah. It should bring tears to our eyes.

Learn to greet people; learn to respect people no matter who they are. The poorest from amongst us, the homeless from amongst us those who come across like they have absolutely nothing from this worldly material provision, Sometimes they are the closest to Allah.

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