Really Hurts! Preference For A Materialistic Degree Over Hadith By Parents | Selecting A Spouse | Mufti Menk

The brightest children are not always the most successful on Earth and I want to tell you something else to prove that your education and your wealth are not necessarily connected… Allah makes some of the wealthiest from amongst us, some of the least educated, do you guys agree?

This is why you know what?  I really feel hurt when people sometimes see a successful businessman, A person who is doing really well and then they make an issue out of the fact that this person has not gotten a degree or whatever else so they cannot marry our daughter.

But what was the point of going to school in the first place to earn a living? This man earns the living without having gotten that degree.

Work hard inshallah as best as you can and enjoy the days you have, even if you’re at a workplace things are tough.

Life will be challenging. people will judge you. It’s not your fault. It’s not you who is sick. It is them.

A proposal has come in your direction from a person whom you are satisfied with their level of Deen which means their closeness to Allah, their religion, they don’t have to be you know, so Pious but on an acceptable level perhaps they read their Salah, they are responsible in their relationship with Allah and secondly, Their character and conduct is of an acceptable level. If you have those two then let it happen.

And you know what the Hadith says if you don’t oh, this is We say it we repeat it and we see parents do exactly the opposite and face the same consequences mentioned by the prophet (saw) and they blame everyone else.

So the Hadith says if good character came to you with decent deen. Now what has good character meant? you need a responsible guy, responsible person. Mashallah, they’re responsible and they have Deen, they’re good character.

I always say you will not even know that your choice of a Spouse shapes your future until you get married. Your choice of a spouse actually determines a lot of your future. Don’t choose with your hormones.

I’ve always said the two most powerful organs the heart and the mind, don’t ever give anyone the control of those two because they will hurt you.

In fact prior to marriage, is this person fit to be the mother of my children? Is this person fit to be a father to the children I expect to have? Will they be a role model? – Mufti Menk

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