Funny!That Portion Will Never Touch Jahannam | An Interesting Tale | Mufti Menk

When we were much younger, we had something known as corporal punishment. And you know what? They did it when they taught us the most sacred book in existence. What is that? What’s that book?

The Quran and then they say it’s the Sunnah of the prophet and I remember them lying to us telling us, the punishment of Jahannam will never touch the place of your body that the scholars whip has lashed on have you heard that one?

It’s a tale, ..Man.

The prophet Muhammad who was sent as a Mercy to Mankind salallahu alaihe wasalam, sent as a mercy to entire humanity and more and Beyond as a mercy how many have graduated in Quran and in hifz and in Knowledge from his hands and how many did he beat up? You follow? Not even one, subhanallah.

Because we are weak and we lack methodology of teaching. We take it out on the ones whom we are teaching and we turn them away from religion completely. – Mufti Menk

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