Why Can’t Women Fast During Their Menstrual Cycle- Mufti Menk

What is the reward of a person who doesn’t fast?


Many of the women are asking about the reward of a person who or a sister who cannot fast because of her going through her menstrual cycle, her periods that is a very very interesting question.

Why did Allah decide that a person who’s going through their menstrual cycle cannot fast? Well, it is the decree and decision of Allah. When He says don’t fast you won’t fast. When He says fast you fast, when He says it is optional with some fasts you know the voluntary fast then it becomes totally optional.

So, the idea here is not about fasting. It’s about obeying Allah. Don’t forget that. It is about the obedience of Allah. Remember the acts of worship do not benefit Allah but rather the obedience of Allah benefits us. So it’s not about whether you fasted or not when it comes to the reward. It’s about whether or not you obeyed the instruction of Allah.

So the reward is great. The reward is always with the obedience of Allah subhanahu wata’ala. If you obey Allah, that is where the reward lies.


Those people who want to take medication in order to stop that menstrual cycle from coming you know it is medication perhaps that would stop that blood completely.

Now the issue again number one is what is natural is always the best. Let things flow, let things go and let things happen according to nature it is healthier for you. It is better for your life for even with allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala you are losing nothing.

If there is medication you need to look at the side effects. You need to look at what it does to you. There are so many side effects one of them is long-term bloating. it’s because of the contraceptive pills you are having or perhaps because of pills that are within your system in order to stop what was natural. So you’ve got to be careful not everyone’s system agrees with the medication and not every medicine agrees with all the people. So that’s sometimes a side effect.  Another side effect I’ve heard about I’m not a doctor but I’ve heard sometimes tumors that may develop over long prolonged usage of this medication. One thing if your period was something that was regular. There are some people who complain of irregularity that is permanent thereafter because something happened and you messed up with your system.

Although if you were to stop it through those pills, your fast is still valid, Allahu Akbar.

From Mufti Menk


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