EP04 | Contentment from Revelation | Ramadan Series 2019 | Mufti Menk

In the episode four of the beautiful series entitled ‘Contentment From Revelation’ (CFR) of #Ramadan2019 #MuftiMenk made mention some issues in order to achieve #contentment from  surah Ali’imran; those are  Spending in the cause of Allah, unity, usury, interest, hellfire and suppressing #anger.

Nobody can achieve contentment until they spend from that which is very very close to their hearts, from that which they love, from that, which is very dear to them, that which material is obviously.


From surat [Ali’imran] you will not achieve righteousness until and unless you spend from that   which you love. What do you love? Whether it comes to your wealth, whether it comes to something you’re deeply connected to or even just your time, subhanAllah.

When attachment to something material becomes too much you lose contentment. Because contentment is the ownership of Allah, he will give it to whosoever is close to him. You want to become close to Allah, don’t get too close to that which is besides Allah.


The Almighty’s love is first. When it’s time for prayer everything can wait. When it’s halal and Haram we need to make sure, we do the right thing. When it comes to the timings, we need to make sure we prioritize. When it comes to family they come first. We have this rule that we need to follow regarding the connection that we have with material items. It should never be more than our love with Allah subhanahu wata’ala.


Importance of unity, unity comes about with a lot of sacrifice; if you’re going to sacrifice you will achieve unity. If you’re not going to sacrifice, you’re not going to achieve unity. There is give-and-take you need to have a big heart, you need to forgive, you need to embrace you need to tolerate. That’s when you will achieve unity. Unity is not uniformity. You don’t have to think the same like the same things, etc. you need to respect one another and tolerate each other. The differences we may have, yes, we allow those differences because at the end of the day it’s Allah who’s going to judge us.


When Allah the warning is simply to bring us to the straight path, remember that. The warning of Allah, it’s not that he is merciless. He is merciful, out of His mercy. He warns people. It’s like if we had a little child and we told the child be careful I will reprimand you, the idea is not the reprimanding the idea is the correction of the child and the idea is to ensure the child succeeds. similarly with Allah subhanahu wata’ala He warns us but his mercy encompasses everything to the degree that if we were to take heed we would be saved from what he’s warning us about as simple as that.

From the Quran, follow Allah and follow His messenger in order that you achieve Rahma, the mercy the contentment, the happiness what should you do? follow Allah, follow His rasul subhanallah.

Do deeds that will earn the forgiveness of Allah and let you get into Jannah, Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala says those who have done wrong, those who have committed sin, those who have committed immorality if they remember Allah and they seek the forgiveness of Allah they’re the ones; if they’ve changed their lives thereafter to become good people. They are the ones who will be earning Jennah and Jannah paradise was prepared for those types of people, amazing.

If you suppress your anger you will achieve more contentment than if you were to vent it.

Allah’s mercy descends upon those who are merciful. You show that mercy and the Almighty will show you the mercy. Allah says those who can extinguish and suppress their anger at that moment. They will definitely definitely achieve goodness, goodness includes the Contentment.

-Mufti Menk

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