The Way of Achieving Piety & Closeness To Allah | Mufti Menk | Eid-al-Adha 2017

In the Eid al-Adha lecture 2017 with English Subtitle #MuftiMenk addresses #Eid is a day of happiness and every single one of us is searching for happiness. We can achieve the true #happiness and the #contentment of our hearts by fulfilling instructions and obligations of Allah (swt) and towards his creature through improving & developing #character and #conduct, forgiving others to #forgiveness of Allah, starting good deeds from home, etc. He referred the Ibrahim (A.s) used to follow Allah’s instructions no matter what they were and how Allah (swt) elevated his status in Quran. So we should follow the spirit of Ibrahim (as)’s #sacrifice to succeed in the world and the next by elevating our status to Allah (swt).

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