Steps For Alleviating Financial Difficulties | Mufti Menk

#MuftiMenk gives important tips how to face #financial #difficulties or hardship for a believer whenever He/ she goes through such type of problem in an Islamic way. Muslims, we have come to this world or to the earth in order to be tested, we all believe that the Quran. In this lecture with English subtitle, He points out we should seek assistances from Allah (swt) through bearing sabr (#patience), asking His forgiveness, making tawba (#repentance), praying salah (#prayer) on time, downgrading living standard and trusting Allah’s plan for us.

Mufti Menk said, “Success is not how much money you have, wallahi success is whether Allah is pleased with You or not; when you get Jennah (paradise) that’s it, even if you had nothing on earth.”

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