That Generosity Everyone Could Feel At The Same Time | Ep 27

This lecture is episode number 27 of “Save Yourself Part 2” by #MuftiMenk given at one of the odd nights (possible #lailatulQadr) of last 10 days. Mufti Menk makes mention of the generosity of the prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam and apply this in our lives to get Allah’s mercy and forgiveness so that our sins would be wiped out for the day of judgement.

Mufti Menk quote in this lectures “Generosity is when we reach out to others; when we give others that which we have; when we share what we have; no matter what you have you share it; if it is a piece of knowledge you share it, you are generous with your knowledge; if it is a piece of information that is beneficial you share it; if it is something material you have your wealth you share it; if it is your time you share it you share it such that you touch the lives of others”…

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