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The All-knowing God Could Tell Me About Life After Death! Hashim VS Agonistic Lady | Speakers Corner

Your thought process and your thinking, and you never bother to look for the truth; what are you going to say to God?

In order to have a system which is functioning, there should be no disharmony, there should be no internal contradictions, there should be no conflicts within the system, and that is a good system.

So as a Muslim, I believe that God created us and then he sent us guidance. He did not just let us fend for ourselves. And over the years, over the centuries, over the millenniums, God sent different prophets and messengers who are human beings, and they are the ones who are the role models that they have to follow in order to be a righteous person, to be accepted, and to attain Salvation.

You need a higher authority in order to give you the jurisdiction as to what is right and what is wrong, what is permitted, what is prohibited.

In the Sharia, which is the system that we follow that God has ordained, there’s also something which is the core message, like I said, which is the worship and the belief in one God. It means obedience to God.

So that includes not to harm someone, not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to be bad to your neighbor, even they might be from a different religion or even not following a religion. You have to be good to your neighbor.

And this all comes under the jurisdiction of what we call the Sharia, which is the law or the system of God.