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Three Things From The Time Of Jahiliyya In Many Muslims | Eye Opening Islamic Reminder

We don’t have racism in Islam. We have racism from amongst the Muslims. But the religion of al-Islam dealt with the issue of racism.

Al-Islam is uppermost, al-Islam is elevated, Al-Islam goes on top and nothing goes over al-Islam- nothing.

Why racism is so disgusting in the sight of Allah (swt)?  Allah created all people, all features are from Allah azzawaja.

when you look at someone who is different to you, and you think (sneering) I hold you in contempt, I don’t like the way you look. what you really trying to say is I don’t like the way Allah created you and that is really bad.

No virtue of an Arab over a non-arab or a white over a black or vice versa except by taqwa. the minute you think because my complexion is lighter or darker or because I belong to this tribe or because I belong to this particular nationality or because  I am this or I am that, that I am better.

That’s the same minute, You have dropped your crystals……

Remember you are just a number. everyone else is like you trying to please Allah.