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What Make Laylatul Qadr Meaningless! Barrier To Your Accepted Dua | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

We know the Hadith of the Messenger (pbuh) that a person comes on the Day of Judgment and they have their prayer. They have their fasting, they have their siam. But the point is, despite all of that, you cursed this person. You backbited this person. You slandered this person, you hit this person, and you denigrated this person.

So respecting Rights of Fellow Humans (Huqooq ul Ibad) the people that you hurt line up and they take your good deeds until you have nothing left. Laylatul Qadr  is better than 1,000 months. 50,000 months of good deeds gone because of the people that you hurt with this.

It’s a warning from the prophet (pbuh); the barriers to our good deeds being accepted or being profitable on the Day of Judgment.

As we’re getting into the last 10, we need to make tawbah from those things that might take away everything from the last 10; your good deeds going to waste because you’re not reforming your akhlaq, you’re not reforming your manners. And so if you want your Ibadat to be accepted, you have to reform your akhlaq.

If you want your Act of worship to be accepted, you have to reform your manners. Laylatul Qadr is the night of Decree. So you want something to happen in the next year? That’s your night. That’s the night that your next year is going to be decreed in the next 10 nights. Your next year is going to be written down.

When you messed up, turn back to Allah and put in the place of your sin a good deed.

The insistences on poor manners make our Ibadat meaningless. You’re insisting on your ways and then you’re insisting Allah answer your supplications. It doesn’t work that way with Allah (swt), and on what basis are you going to be responded to?

Ramadan resolutions mean difficult, difficult, difficult sacrifices. Remove the means that are causing you to constantly fall in the sins over and over and over again. every one of us has to look deep, deep, deep, deep, deep. Because when you show Allah (swt) that you’re going to insist on these ways and you’re not willing to make those sacrifices, which are the barrier between you and your supplication.

Let’s hold ourselves accountable and Let’s make some difficult sacrifices. And that’s how you get your duas answered.